About Me.

I’m a writer based in Lancashire, North West UK. Synesthetic. Blessed with, and occasionally bewildered, by ADHD but always driven by an insatiable curiosity for stories, people, travel and bizarre ideas. I’m currently working on my second novel and seeking representation for my first which is a coming of age, wacky road trip with a serious heart and a sprinkling of whimsy.

So, welcome to my website. You’re maybe my third visitor. Excellent! I can say what I want and no one’ll ever know. Here, you’ll find creative writing tips, travel stories, and anything else that grabs my fancy in a humorous, left-field kind of way.

I’m a glutton for putting tragedy and humour together. Makes sense when you tune into the opposites and contradictions which surround us. Do you like bright, perky lime juice and dark, broody muscovado sugar? A dazzling sun breaking through a mercurial cloud? Scary clowns? OK, maybe not scary clowns. There seems to be some kind of mass clown phobia sweeping the UK at the moment. No idea why. I love scary clowns. But anyway…

I have a creative writing MA from Leeds Trinity University (with a Distinction, dontcha know).

Leeds Trinity University Anthology I co-edited and contributed to the university anthology of short stories and poems, published by Indigo Dreams. It was a long slog and my chest swelled with pride when the fruits of our hard work materialised in the form of a box of bright, shiny books. We read our work out at the Ilkley Fringe Festival and on Chapel FM Radio.The anthology is entertaining, it’s eclectic and you can buy it here.

The following year’s anthology was just as fascinating.  Mine’s the story about the creepy kid with the voodoo doll which I read at the York Hub Literary Festival.

I have run workshops on characterisation and style for the Burnley Literature Festival and I also conducted workshops and took part in discussion panels at a literary festival for teens at the University of Hull. It was hectic, exhausting and a sharp but exhilarating learning curve. What a buzz! The young people taking part produced some impressive writing and it was a joy to see some of the shy ones take the microphone and read their writing out to a packed out room.

I love reading my work to an audience so it was heaps of fun pulling together a group of women for a mini-show to perform at the Burnley Literature Festival, Ilkley Fringe Festival and on Leeds Chapel FM.

You can book me to run writing workshops in schools, at literary festivals or the workplace by getting in touch  at stephaniesbuick@gmail.com