Performing at the Ilkley Fringe Festival

I’m delighted, delighted, chuffed to announce that I will be reading my short story from the Leeds Trinity University Creative Writing Anthology at the Ilkley Fringe Festival on 4th October.Leeds Trinity University Anthology

This is the anthology I co-edited with the wonderfully creative and super-organised Lucy Brighton, under the supervision of Prof. Hardwick.

I’ve organised for a small group of contributors to read our work at the Festival, giving priority to emerging writers. For most of us, this is our first published piece of work. Yay!

It’ll be my first performance. I am rigid with fear and bubbling with enthusiasm in equal measure. How is that even possible? And how will such a mismatched duality manifest itself on the night?

Luckily there will be a chance to practice on Sept 20th, with a reading on Chapel FM Radio in Leeds.

A microphone or camera is a far more appealing prospect than a live audience. A microphone sits next to you obediently. A camera shines at you like the kindly eye of a benevolent uncle. ‘Here I am,’ they seem to say. ‘I’m all yours, I’m here to show everyone how utterly fabulous you are. Go ahead, sweetie, sock it to ’em!’

A live audience, on the other hand, like a gang of crocodiles on a day out, can shred you to smithereens, chew you up  and belch out the bits. A live audience can set up a boo-hiss-get off, yer crap, campaign. They can rustle sweet wrappers, chat, giggle and chuck popcorn, leaving you to sidle off stage left, like a kicked dog.

I hope our audience on the night will sit back in their seats, make themselves comfy and engage with our readings

In the meantime, I’m telling myself that being scary, thrilled, excited is great.



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